Morning Sickness

Friday, August 22, 2008
Morning sickness has reared its ugly head. Mom had morning sickness with Alyce and had a horrible time with it. It was so bad that she lost 10lbs. before she was prescribed anti nausea medicine. This time around I think Mom is is handling it a bit better. I think most of it is because she has to as Alyce doesn't slow down for anyone or anything. Also, I think Mom knows to keep her stomach as full as possible. The first time around Chris would do well to keep down a few crackers. This time around she can eat a PB&J. The trick to getting a whole sandwich down is to throw up before eating it. By doing that she is getting rid of all the nasty stuff in her stomach and allows a brief window to get something down.

I expect Mom to lose a few pounds over the next 5 weeks, but she will come out the side and never look back.