It's Legit

Monday, September 8, 2008
Last week we had our first real milestone. Our first ultrasound. On our first trip to the OB the new baby wasn't far enough along for a heartbeat so we scheduled an ultrasound to ensure the pregnancy was viable. We had that ultrasound last Thursday and we are happy to announce that everything is fine. The little fetus was teeny tiny but we could make out a head and buds for arms and legs. More importantly we could see and hear the heartbeat. Put all of that together and we have a healthy baby on the way.

Alyce was with us for the ultrasound, but wasn't really impressed. She hasn't really grasped that she is going to be a big sister. I don't she even knows what a big sister is. Truthfully speaking we haven't really grasped the fact that we are going to be parents x 2.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
I am sure you guys will be great parents the second time around, as I see how great you are with Alyce. I can't wait to see the new one and be their favorite neighbor! Hope you feel better and start liking food again, Chris! :)