Don't Buy Anything You Can't Return

Thursday, October 16, 2008 1 comments
We had our ultrasound yesterday and we are happy to report that everything is fine. Alyce did not join us this time. Aunt Sue was gracious enough to babysit for her.

We got to see lots of pictures of the baby. Those are soon to be scanned in and posted here. The baby was dated to 14 weeks. Mom was originally dated to 14 weeks 1 day so the baby is progressing normally.

After looking at the baby the tech proceeded to look at the placenta. She said that the placenta looked normal. Our biggest fear was that it was detached or detaching and that was the source of the bleeding. The ultrasound eliminated that as a possibility. One item the tech did bring up was that the placenta was very low and was close to the birth canal. She did say that it wasn't covering the birth canal and we didn't have the presence of mind to ask if it would eventually. If it were to cover the birth canal it would be called a placenta previa and would necessitate a C Section at delivery time. Mom has a normal checkup with the doctor next week and I am sure she will answer all the questions we have now.

And to explain the title of this post "Don't Buy Anything You Can't Return". The tech was able to determine the sex of the baby. She said that it was still kind of early and nothing was definite until the 18 - 20 week ultrasound. But in her opinion she thinks that we are having a boy! She went on to say that we shouldn't buy anything we can't return just in case she was wrong.

That's right a boy! I wasn't hoping for one over the other. I think either a boy or girl would have provided different parenting opportunities. As far as family goes it is a mixed blessing. On my side all my cousins are having boys. This is good for twinkle, but bad for Alyce in that she will be the only girl and won't have anyone to play girlie games with. On Mom's side it is the exact opposite. There are all girls with one boy on that side. So it is quasi good for twinkle in that he has someone to play with. Strange how division of the sexes can occur.

Pregnancy Trouble

Thursday, October 9, 2008 0 comments
As of late we have had a few hiccups with Mom's pregnancy. Starting last Tuesday Mom had some bleeding related to her pregnancy. Naturally your mind goes into thinking it was something horrible like a late miscarriage.

We immediately got an appointment with Mom's doctor. She used her microphone and confirmed the babies heart beat was fine. She couldn't say for certain the reason for the bleeding but she wanted to make sure she could eliminate everything possible so she signed Mom up for an ultrasound next Wednesday. So Mom and I have to wait an entire week to see if anything can be determined.

In the mean time Mom has to take it very easy. She has to limit how much she can pickup and carry. She also has to limit bending over, stooping, and squatting. Try not doing any of things when you have a two year old.

Pictures From The Ultrasound

Thursday, October 2, 2008 2 comments
Sorry we have been kind of bad at getting these pictures online. These are pictures from Twinkles ultrasound which was at the beginning of September. So Twinkle is a lot bigger than this now.

This is a frontal picture. The arms and legs are just beginning to form.

This picture is roughly the same as the one up a above.

I think this one is from the side. Looks like a blob to me.

1/3rd The Way Done

Mom is done with the first trimester and it has been a hard one. She has lost a lot of weight because she hasn't been able to each as much as she wants or should due to ongoing morning sickness. Sadly even the Zofran doesn't seem to working its magic like it used to. However, all is not lost. With the last pregnancy most of Mom's morning sickness issues went away right after the first trimester and they seem to be waning here as well.

The baby is doing fine. Progressing as fast as a baby should. I think he/she is around 2 inches long now and has most of the features of a full grown baby.

In all we aren't really focusing on the new baby so much because Alyce is always demanding our attention. I'm sure once Mom starts showing and the baby starts kicking our focus will change.