Moving On

Monday, November 17, 2008 0 comments
I think it is safe to say that Mom has moved on from the initial stages of pregnancy. The all day morning sickness has left and her energy has improved. Last week she cleaned a bathroom, the kitchen, and did laundry in a single day! On top of that Mom spent the entire weekend hitting the outlet malls.

Mom's uterus is getting much larger now as the baby is now the size of a large apple. What is nice about that is Mom is starting to show a little bit which makes the pregnancy much more real for me. This is happening earlier than last time which I think is pretty common for a second pregnancy. Mom is enjoying it because now she gets to wear all of the comfy maternity clothes.

One thing that hasn't shown up yet is the baby kicking. Starting around 18 weeks you should feel a few little flutters from baby movement. Mom isn't too worried about it, but she said that she is looking forward to her ultrasound next week to make sure everything is fine.

Ultrasound Pictures

Here are the ultrasound pictures that had been promised some time ago. Life happens when you are busy making other plans. The resolution isn't the best because twinkle at the time was very small. Next week Mom gets another set of pictures and they should be better.