3rd Trimester

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 0 comments
As Mom approaches her third trimester things are starting to change with her and around the house. Mom is getting bigger every day but in a cute way as her belly is starting to really show. This is a big departure from Alyce where mom hid her bump for a long time. I am sure it has something to do with a second pregnancy being an easier transition.

Mom's center of gravity hasn't changed yet and she doesn't waddle around the house. She is starting to have some hip issues while sleeping. She is trying different things to help such as a pillow between the legs. I haven't heard if it is working or not.

Around the house I am starting the initial preparations for the new baby. The guest bathroom or soon to be kids bathroom is getting some updates. This coming weekend I am going to replace the faucet and some plumping underneath the sink, after that I have to fix some problem areas with the drywall, and lastly we are painting the room a sky blue and then doing a rubber ducky theme. Once I am done with the bathroom I am moving onto Alyce's room. Well her new room. We are going to move her into our front guest bedroom and eventually a big girl bed. I need to get a move on only 3 months left.