Baby Names

Thursday, March 26, 2009 5 comments
Mommy and I have been dragging our feet on baby names. We have been dragging because I think we are apprehensive about making such a big decision. How long should a family spend when it comes to make a decision that will last a lifetime? We could call him ESPN and be done with it. A 10 second decision that affects a lifetime.

I think our shortlist is down to two names with Carver being the middle name for both.
  • Lucas (Luke) Carver
  • Andrew (Drew) Carver
If you know our last name you would know that both names fit well when we need his attention. I tend to like them both. Mom and I have been throwing around Luke since Christmas and Drew has been part of the conversation for the past few weeks. Neither first name is a family name or holds sentimental value. Perhaps that is the reason for our apprehension. It might be a decision that needs to be made when we see his beautiful newborn face.

Make your opinion known via the poll above. Not that we will do what the poll says we should, but it would interesting to know what everyone else thinks.

Update: The polling is closed and Lucas was a big favorite with 16 of the 27 votes for a 59% share. Drew took in 7 votes for a 25% share. With either name taking in 4 votes for a 14% share.

Three Weeks To Go

Mommy had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. All sorts of things are happening. For starters Mommy is 1 cm dilated so we are heading down the path for delivery. The doctor was fairly confident that Mommy was going to make it into April so this next weekend my be our last with a single child.

We were informed of another development which is cause for some minor concern. Mommy is showing some signs of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia as per is a form of high blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy. Preeclampsia isn't so bad as long as it doesn't turn into eclampsia. Two major issues associated with high blood pressure while pregnant is that high blood pressure interferes with the placentas ability to transfer oxygen to a baby and the second problem is that is can hurt the mother in a multitude of ways.

The reason why this is only a minor concern is that the way to fix preeclampsia is to deliver the baby. Since our baby is full term if the doctors determine Mommy's blood pressure gets too high we can simply induce.

So this is something that needs to be watched, but with modern healthcare and our stage in the pregnancy any true danger is mitigated.

I'm Betting We Will Go Early

Sunday, March 22, 2009 0 comments
This coming Tuesday Mommy will be 37 weeks. Only 3 weeks away from her due date. 3 weeks seems like a lot of time right? I don't think we have that long. Mommy has been having tons of Braxton Hicks contractions and maybe some false labor a few times. When a contraction hits Mommy is in some decent pain. However, these contractions are not rhythmic and thus aren't real labor. Seeing Mommy in such a state makes me think labor can happen any instant. Knowing our luck Mommy will have to endure this for 3 weeks and we will go the whole 40.

Getting Close Now

Thursday, March 12, 2009 0 comments
Wholly Smokes it is getting down the crunch time for the new baby to show up. However, we are sitting on our hands when it comes to getting ready for the new baby.

I've been getting Alyce's new room ready so we can move Alyce out of the nursery. I've been painting the walls Purple Whisper or as I call it pastel purple. There will be new trim, outlets, and switches too. I remodeling the bathroom too.

Mommy has been getting ready for the baby where she can. Being 35 weeks pregnant makes it hard to do anything physical. But Mommy found all of the old baby bottles in the basement so we can clean them and she has been going through Alyce's baby clothes picking out the gender neutral and temperature appropriate clothes.

We've been getting Alyce ready for her new brother by reading her a book every night called I'm a Big Sister Now. She gets a kick out of it. Every time I say "big sister" while reading the book Alyce giggles and says "sister". I also ask her if she wants a baby brother and she responds with an uh huh.

We are still hoping to get Alyce into her new room by the time the baby shows up. While it isn't a necessity it would be nice to only clear one hurdle at a time.