Baby Names

Thursday, March 26, 2009
Mommy and I have been dragging our feet on baby names. We have been dragging because I think we are apprehensive about making such a big decision. How long should a family spend when it comes to make a decision that will last a lifetime? We could call him ESPN and be done with it. A 10 second decision that affects a lifetime.

I think our shortlist is down to two names with Carver being the middle name for both.
  • Lucas (Luke) Carver
  • Andrew (Drew) Carver
If you know our last name you would know that both names fit well when we need his attention. I tend to like them both. Mom and I have been throwing around Luke since Christmas and Drew has been part of the conversation for the past few weeks. Neither first name is a family name or holds sentimental value. Perhaps that is the reason for our apprehension. It might be a decision that needs to be made when we see his beautiful newborn face.

Make your opinion known via the poll above. Not that we will do what the poll says we should, but it would interesting to know what everyone else thinks.

Update: The polling is closed and Lucas was a big favorite with 16 of the 27 votes for a 59% share. Drew took in 7 votes for a 25% share. With either name taking in 4 votes for a 14% share.


Anonymous said...

There might be a $5 bill waiting for you if you name him Jared :) A crisp one too.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Lucas Carver!! Like it a lot!! :) Good luck...hope all goes smoothly. Blessings, Stacy

Anonymous said...

I like them both... I can't pick one over the other. I hope all goes will with the delivery. Can't wait to see your new baby boy...God Bless, Jess Shaw

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! You guys are so cute! I love it. I actually picked Drew but I love both names A LOT!!! Take care and BIG hugs to you all! Amy "Gurg" Warner ;->

Kim Curtis said...

Hi Tim & Chris -- Good luck with picking a name! I really like both names...but, I threw in a vote for Drew. It's a tough decision, but you've got 2 great picks here so you can't go wrong. We wish you the best as you welcome your newest member of your family. Love, Kim