Bringing Luke Home

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
We got to bring Luke home from the hospital on Friday. In my opinion it was time to go. For a second time parent the nurses weren't doing a whole lot for us and I wanted to relax on my own couch and sleep in my own bed. The care we received at the hospital was great but if there isn't any problems there isn't much of a need to stick around.

Now that we are at the house things moved into high gear for me. There has been tons of things to do. The house while clean needed to be picked up and we were tearing through bottles like nobody's business. I don't remember using 8 bottles in a single day with Alyce, but if a baby eats every three hours then I guess you make 8 dirty ones in a 24 hour period.

One item that gave Mommy and I a lot of concern was our dog Jake. When we brought Alyce years ago Jake was incredibly interested in her to the point he was becoming aggressive. I think he thought that she was some sort of varmit and not a real person. That time around my parents took Jake for a week and my dad "Grandpa" worked his magic as Jake came back a different (and better) dog. Luckily this time around we didn't need to resort to extreme measures. Jake was inquisitive of Luke but after a few close sniffs while Luke was in his carrier Jake got bored an laid back down. A big sigh of relief from Mom and I followed.