Cord Falling Off

Saturday, April 25, 2009
Yesterday Luke's cord fell off. It happened before we put him to bed. Mom and I go to change his diaper and behold there isn't this hard black thing staring back at us. His cord falling off makes changing diapers so much easier. While it was on you have to make sure nothing catches on it and that you didn't mistake it for a diaper tab and rip it off. I've read that happens.

His cord falling off carries more meaning than just making our lives easier. It means that he is starting the 18 year path of complete separation from us. First he has to eat for himself, next he will be able to move without us carrying him, and eventually he will be heading off to college where the only thing he will need from us is gas money and a washing machine. It is awe inspiring to see this little person grow before my eyes and to know that I have a hand in who he is now and who he will be in the future.

Luke, you probably won't realize how something so insignificant as your cord falling can be so powerful until you have kids of your own. Even though you aren't attached to your mom anymore it doesn't mean that you aren't connected to your family.