Food Intake On The Rise

Saturday, April 25, 2009
Luke's food intake is really starting to increase. Last weekend he jumped from drinking 2 oz. a feeding to 3 oz. Then this weekend he jumped from 3 to 4 oz. He isn't taking in 4 oz. every feeding, but 3.5 oz. is pretty common.

During the day Luke is a pretty good eater. He drinks his bottles fairly quickly and doesn't have any spit up issues. One thing that is kind of interesting is that we don't always get burps out of Luke. I'm not really sure what we can chalk that up to. We use Dr. Brown's bottles and we give Luke infant gas drops. Perhaps one of those two things could be it.

During the night Luke is another story. While he still doesn't spit up or have gas he doesn't eat all that well during the night. He makes these little squeaks with every breath and at times can be really loud about it. I find that if I sit him up he tends to do better.