Hospital Day 2

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Even though we are now home from the hospital I wanted to write a bit about Luke's second day. The second day was a good transition day where Mom and I got a bit of sleep and Luke was introduced to lots of friends, family, and most importantly his sister.

Just before lunch Grams and Pa Pa brought Alyce to the hospital to meet her brother. I met them all at the front entrance so I could do the introduction. For a full recount of Alyce's first visit check out the post on her blog.

After lunch Grams, Pa Pa, and Alyce left which game us time to take a nap. Luke was at the nurses station and we power napped for two hours.

Once dinner was over we had a steady stream of visitors for the rest of the night. Our friends Matt and Lauren, Josh, Tammy and Gideon, and Liz stopped by. Luke's god parents Trent and Lisa with their daughter Shelby came by. Grams, Pa Pa, Grandma, and Alyce finished up the night. So that makes 10 adults over the course of one evening.