One Of Those Nights

Monday, April 27, 2009
So last night was one of those nights. Every parent has them. They are the nights that if you tell people the story they ask "Why should we have kids?".

During the evening after Alyce was in bed Mom had just finished feeding Luke and she was settling down for a quiet evening. Luke had other plans. Luke decided that the full belly he had didn't agree with him. He thought it better to give the formula back to Mom rather than keep it all to himself. In the process of being a good sharer he covered himself, mom, and a throw pillow in formula.

After that event we got him cleaned up and all was well with the world, for a while... Later in the evening I was feeding Luke. The milk was going down just fine. Not even a complaint from his side. As I was walking over to change his diaper before going to bed he decided to share dinner with me too.

So here we are putting Luke in outfit #3 for the day. Three isn't where it ended either. Luke didn't like his third outfit during a late night feeding and promptly wetted all over it while Mom was changing his diaper.

For a 24 hour period Luke tore through four outfits, numerous wipes, and Mom's and Dad's patience. Looking back on it a day later it is quite hilarious. Every parent has this story. It is a medal only earned in the trenches of parenting.