New Formula

Monday, May 11, 2009
We are making a change with Luke's formula. We are going to try using soy based formula for the next few days. We are doing this because after each feeding Luke is getting gassy, agitated, and spitting up even if we use gas drops. We are taking a guess that his digestive system is having trouble with the lactose based formula.

So far things have been working out well. Luke is more calm after each feeding and his gas and spitting up have been minimized. Soy based formula does have some downsides; it has a weird smell that gives bad breath for a while after each bottle and it isn't very pretty when it comes out the other end. It is a small price to pay if his eating is less problematic.

Another interesting thing about Luke's eating is that at times he can't be satisfied. Over the weekend on two occasions Luke couldn't get enough to eat. For Mother's Day out at Grandma's house Luke ate 10 oz of formula in 4 hours when he should have just had 6. Perhaps we are not feeding him enough as we thought that feeding him too much in a single sitting could lead to him getting an overly full belly and spitting up. As of right now we feed him 4 oz. then have to feed him another 1 about a half hour later. This doesn't sound so bad except that it takes 20 minutes to feed him the first 4 so feeding in total takes around an hour. Three hours after the start of the whole process he is hungry again leaving Mom and I only two hours to get anything else accomplished.