Very Potato Like

Monday, May 4, 2009
We had dinner this past weekend with some family on my side to celebrate Grandma's Birthday. We had a great time and got to show off Luke to my Aunt and Uncle. Luke was on his best behaviour which was in sharp contrast to earlier in the day.

On Saturday Mom went with Grandma to see a performance leaving me alone with both kids. Normally this wouldn't be anything special to write about. Alyce did very good for me. She played with some soapy water and cups in the sink up until nap time. Luke on the other hand was out of sorts. I can't describe how he was. Words like agitated, needy, hungry, and intestinal distress would be a good place to start. At the time I was very agitated with him as I only wanted a little break to decompress and he wouldn't give me longer than 5 minutes of peace.

Luke's issues are really just newborn stuff. He wasn't doing that on purpose or even to make me angry he just needed something and either I couldn't provide it or nothing could have given him what he needed. The real issue I have with newborns is that they don't give anything back. For the first few months they take, take, take, and don't give anything back. My Uncle Eric quoting a nephew on Saturday said it best, "Babies are very potato like". Over time Luke like Alyce will become less potato like. Once I get that first smile from Luke it will have all been worth it. However, until that time comes babies, especially your own are no fun. No offense Luke just saying like it is.