2 Month Checkup

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Luke just had his two month checkup (even though he is 10 weeks) and he is continuing his meteoric rise in weight and height. Luke's current numbers are.

At 10 Weeks:
  • Height 23 3/4 inches: 75%
  • Weight 16 lbs, 1.6 oz. 95+%
  • Head 42 cm 95%
Look back at his last checkup 5 Weeks we can see that his numbers continue to climb. His height dropped from the 90% to 75% and his weight increased a bit. While that is probably not what you want when you have a toddler or young adult it isn't anything to be concerned about from a newborn. To put his size into perspective he is wearing a 6 month old's clothing at 2 months.

One problem area that has arisen is that Mom and I need to get Luke to turn his head to the left some more. Apparently he is favoring turning to the right and if it continues he will eventually develop a flat spot on that side of his head. So we have to start feeding him in our right arm *ugh* and turning his head to the left while he sleeps.

This checkup is also the checkup where they tested his eyes for Strabismus. Strabismus is the problem we had with Alyce where her eyes didn't line up. Luckily Luke's eyes are just fine and doesn't require any additional care.

Beyond those two items Luke had a standard checkup with a few vaccinations and no other complications.