A Great Saturday

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Luke in the past I would say wasn't a very happy baby. It seemed to us that unless he was sleeping or eating he was unhappy. That isn't to say that he was crying the whole time but that he would get irritated if left in any one place too long. A good example is that we would hold him in our arms and that would be good for 5 minutes then he would want to be repositioned. Thankfully I think those times are fading away. Last Saturday provided a great opportunity for Mom and I to see what Luke will be like.

Last Saturday the family attended two different events. We went to an open house for one of Chris's friends and to Gideon's birthday party. We started our outing at roughly noon and got back home around 7:00 that night. Throughout the entire day Luke was a perfect angel. At the open house we were able to hold him, lay him down, or sit him in our lap and he was cool with it the entire time. He would quietly fuss if he was hungry or needed changing but he never really got wound up. On top of that he wasn't overly hungry so we didn't have a bottle in his mouth the whole time.

After the open house we journied to Gideon's 1st birthday party. Gideon being the son of our friends Josh and Tammy. Luke slept the entire way which was good because he needed a nap. While at the party Luke continued his angelic ways. It probably helped that there was a line of people ready, willing, and able to take him off our hands. Even when we were holding Luke he was content to be sitting up looking around or up at the sky.

So what changed to make Luke a happy baby? It could be any number of things or a combination of them all. Mom and I think Luke likes to sit up. He doesn't seem content to just lay there and see the world . When we hold him sitting up in our laps he just takes in as much of the world as he can. It was very cool in both houses and the car. With it being spring moving into summer it is starting to get hot in our house. Typically we keep the thermostat at 78 and while the room is comfortable I wouldn't call it cold. At home when we pick Luke up sometimes he is rather sweaty where he was laying. Perhaps he just runs a bit hot and needs to be cooler to be comfortable. Most of all I think it is time that is making the biggest difference in his personality. I think he is learning how to get along and calm himself when needed. Alyce was like this too, but it has been so long ago I've forgetten what it is like with newborns.