He Is Getting Happier

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Here are some more pictures of Luke. His attitude is improving with each passing day. A month ago it seemed that if he was awake he was unhappy. A lot of this was probably attributed to his insatiable appetite and corresponding gas. Now that he can eat around 6oz for some feedings and easily burbs while away his personality can shine through.

Luke is definitely less needy than Alyce was. Luke likes to be held but only for limited periods of time. After a while he starts to get fidgety and a position change can help but more often than not just putting him down makes him happy.

Luke's sleeping is definitely improving. A few nights ago we had a five and a half hour stint between feedings and it isn't uncommon to go four. Getting him to bed is getting easier too. While it still takes forty minutes we almost always end in success whereas in the past after the same time he had a 50/50 chance of being asleep.