Not So Hungry

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Luke's food intake is starting to slow.  He used to eat 4 oz at a shot then an hour later want 4 more.  Now he can eat 6 oz and last around 3 hours until he wants 6 more.  Even better than that he is now drinking out of level 2 nipples now so that cuts his feeding times in half.  He is a bit messier when he eats but it is a small price to pay for speed. 

If anyone out there cares we feed Luke out of Dr. Brown's bottles.  We are a big fan of these but don't have anything to base it upon.  We started using them with Alyce and weren't going to change for Luke.  The design is pretty smart to cut down on air with the only downfall is that there are a lot of pieces to clean.  Anytime we fed Alyce and Luke we typically get one burp and they are done.  We still have to fight to get Luke to burp but in a few weeks he will be belching with the best of them.