Back From San Antonio

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Yesterday Mom and the kids got back from San Antonio. Mom was just taking the last car seat out of her parents van as I pulled into the driveway. It looks like everyone made it through the adventure unscathed and with their sanity intact.

After giving Alyce a hug I went over to say hi to Luke.  He looked at me for a few seconds and then he must have recognized me as his lit up with a big toothless smile.

The trip both to and from San Antonio seems to have gone better than I expected. Both Alyce and Luke handled the trip well and didn't ever get fed up with being in the car.  Luke seemed to enjoy himself by playing with toys hanging from his car seat.

Lodging also went rather well. Mom, Alyce, and Luke all shared a room during the trip. I give Mom lots of credit. It couldn't have been easy to get both kids to sleep in the same room and not have one wake up the other. As a bonus both kids slept through the night every night.

Mom and the kids got some time in the water with the whole family.  Luke wasn't overly happy with being in the water.  Mom attributes that with him wanting to eat.

While in San Antonio Luke got to visit his Aunt Julie and Uncle Doug.  Judging by the pictures it looks like they were enjoying their time with Luke.  It was really nice of them to allow so many people into their home while their children were home from college

The final observation I had about their return was how much Alyce and Luke seemed to grow. I'm sure they grew very little but it didn't appear that way. Alyce seemed to be taller while Luke seemed to have lost weight.  Luke developed more head control while he was gone.  Just tonight I was able to pick him up and hold him over my head by holding his chest and he was more than capable of holding his head steady.  We can also sit him on our lap and he can turn his head side to side to look at whatever he chooses.