Reach Out and Touch Someone

Friday, July 31, 2009
In the last week or so Luke has started reaching out for and grabbing things. At first you only think it is a fluke and that he is just swinging his arms and happens to hit something. Eventually his movements become more refined and you are pretty sure he meant to do whatever it is that he is doing. The most obvious demonstration of Luke starting to grab things is when he is in his activity mat. This mat has two arches that crisscross the base and has little rings on which to hang stuff. When Luke is on his back he likes to reach up and grab at the things hanging down. Of which the blue horse is his favorite. At first Luke would just swing an arm at it and bang it around. Eventually he would slowly move his hand toward it and grab a hold.

Luke is further showing his ability to control his person when he is in the feeding table. The feeding table made by Babee Tenda is what we use for a highchair. Once nice thing about the chair is that it can be reclined for babies. We started putting Luke in there just recently as he seemed to be angry when we were eating dinner and leaving him to swing in the living room. While in the chair Luke likes to kick his legs and knees against the table creating a racket. He actually gets a smile on his face when he is doing it. Last night during dinner he showed off his arm control ability by holding his arms steady out in front of his body. Pretty soon we can start teaching him Sooo Biiig.