The Fair

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
On Sunday the family went out to the fair. Luke is a bit small to be riding the rides or petting the animals but he didn't hinder the amount of fun we had. Sunday was a hot day, the hottest day of the fair with temperatures hitting 96 degrees. Mom and I were worried about Luke being in the heat for so long. We knew to keep him hydrated but we were wondering how he would react to being hot and in his car seat for so long.

We had Luke in his car seat attached to the stroller. The walk from the car to the fair grounds must have been enough to knock him out. He fell into and out of sleep for most of the time we were at the fair. During the time he was awake Luke looked around and didn't fuss that much. When it came time for a feeding we gave him some watered down formula to replace what was lost through perspiration.

Luke continued to be a good baby for us even while Alyce was riding her rides. The midway was the hottest place in the park since there wasn't any shade and Luke started to fuss after a few rides. We can't really blame him though, we were able to catch a breeze and rearrange our clothes while he sat unable to move with a sweaty back. After the rides with everyone back in the car we had our air conditioning and everyone was happy. Luke seemed none the worse for wear after we got him cooled off. Mom and I couldn't have asked for more from Luke as he was an angel pretty much the whole time.