Starting to Baby Talk

Thursday, August 6, 2009
Developing in the last few weeks is Luke's baby talk.  He is starting to make coos, whistles, and gurgles in response to our actions or on his own accord.  When Mom or I look at and my eye contact with Luke he usually gets really tickled.  He gets a big smile on his face, gurgles, and kicks his legs / swings his arms.  His enjoyment from something so mundane as a look can be intoxicating.  You keep wanting to go back for more and more.  In contrast Luke is a lot more vocal than Alyce was.  Luke is almost always making some sort of noise while Alyce was usually just content to sit silent taking it all in.  I'm not sure if Alyce's eye condition had something to do with it but it is obvious that Luke is going to be different than his sister.

This is the best part about babies and this is when they start to become fun. They get enjoyment from you and others, they don't cry for no reason, they stay right where you leave them, and sleep through the night.