Rolling Over on Video

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 0 comments
This weekend Mom got a video of Luke rolling over.  Since the taking of this video Luke has turned into rolling over machine.  The problem is that he doesn't know how to get back onto his back.  This morning at 6:30 we heard a cry coming from Luke's room.  Checking on him he was flipped on his tummy, stuck, and none too happy about it.  Rolling him back over he cheered up and went back to sleep.  Later today Luke would roll over onto his stomach, get angry, and mom would roll him back over, then a few minutes later he would be back on stomach again.  I think Luke is proud of his new found movement and wants to try it as much as he can even though it is on a one way street.

Rolling Over For Real

Friday, September 25, 2009 0 comments
Today Luke officially rolled over.  A few weeks ago Luke rolled over in his Pack N Play from his front to his back but he had some help by pushing off the sides of the crib.  Today he rolled over from his back to his tummy all by himself.

This morning Mom put Luke on the floor on top of his activity mat while she went into the kitchen to have some breakfast.  After a while she heard Luke making a fuss.  Mom went in to investigate and found Luke laying on his tummy, unable to turn back over, and getting ticked off about it.

Later in the day Mom tried to get a video for a repeat of the big event but Luke must have been shy and wouldn't complete the maneuver.  Now that he is partially mobile there isn't any more laying him on the bed or couch unattended.

First Solid Food

Last night during dinner Luke had his first taste of solid food.  We have been wanting to try for a while now but finally had the time and opportunity to do it yesterday.  Before we tried to feed Luke we all ate our dinner.  We like to bring Luke into the kitchen with us but normally he only lasts a few minutes in his feeding table.  To keep him entertained we let him play with a childhood favorite toy, the paper bag.  He was really quite taken with the bag and even managed to get his arm inside.  Even though he tried Luke didn't have a whole lot of luck eating the bag instead he just managed to drool on it.

His first solid food experience wasn't really all that excited.  Mom is a bit out of practice though.  She managed to spill dried rice cereal all over the floor.  Mom did manage to get a few spoonfuls of food into his mouth and I think he even managed to swallow some of it.  More than anything he kept smacking his lips and moving his tongue around his mouth.  I'm guess it is a new experience for him and he really didn't know what to do with it.  After a while either he got full or bored he didn't want anything more to do with food.  Luke would close his mouth and turn his head when Mom brought up another bite to eat.

Balloon Race

Monday, September 21, 2009 0 comments
On Saturday the family went to the balloon race.  This is the second year in a row and technically it is Luke's second trip too.  Last time we were there Luke had a view of Mom's belly.  This time he got to see what it was like on the outside.

Luke was a little angel during our trip to the race.  He only complained once and that was because we were taking our time getting to feeding him.  While there he was his usual social self.  He would smile for anyone who would take the time to make eye contact with him and smile back.  Mom even got some video.

He is Getting Cuter

Thursday, September 17, 2009 0 comments
As Luke gets older he is getting cuter.  Maybe he is finally growing into this weight or his glowing personality is clouding my judgement.  One of the best things about Luke and the age he is is that he is so happy to see me.  I can walk into the room after work and I am greeted to the worlds biggest smile and he starts to kick his legs back and forth.  It makes me happy to know that he likes me enough to miss me and be happy with my return even if I was only gone for 5 minutes.

Luke's First Word

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 0 comments
Monday Luke said his first word.  Well it wasn't really a word but it sure sounded like one.  Luke said "da"!  It came as part of a string of gibberish where Luke was trying out different ways to make sound.  Mom and I find it really cute to see Luke starting to learn.  What once was a blank canvas is starting to get some color.

Holding His Bottle

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 0 comments
Mom sent me this quick pick of Luke holding his bottle.  It looks like he is or has fallen asleep while doing it.  He has been extra hungry today having already eaten 3 bottles by noon when usually he only has 5 bottles all day.  He has been sleeping a lot lately too.  Perhaps his body has just finished or is just starting a growth spurt.

He Found His Voice

I'm not really sure when it happened, sometime in the last month, but Luke has found his voice and he likes it.  It started off gradually with a coo here and there and built up to the occasional squeal of delight.  Now he has mastered both noises and volume.  He has a library of noises he makes and I don't have the vocabulary to describe them with the volume going from a whisper to a full out yell.  Of course he is very proud of this new feat and he is more than willing to show us what he can do with it.

Last night during dinner we had Luke in his chair with us while we were eating.  He got unhappy so Mom brought him into the living room and laid him on his play mat.  Luke was happy to be there but I think he wanted some attention.  He started doing his little squeal thing while playing with the creatures hanging down above then his volume gradually grew until he was making sounds similar to a baby teradactyl.  You would think he would be unhappy making sounds so loud and annoying, but no, he was more than content laying there testing out something else to play with.

Rolling Over

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 0 comments
Yesterday Luke rolled over for the first time! He rolled from his tummy to his back.

A few minutes before he rolled over he was in his Pack n Play and the family was outside. I came in before Mom to get cleaned up. I thought it would be fun to play a joke on mom by rolling Luke onto his tummy for Mom to find. Well she saw through my ruse and I went up to take a quick shower before dinner. About the time I turned on the water I hear a squeal from Mom downstairs. She comes racing up the stairs to tell me that Luke rolled from his tummy to his back!

Of course he hasn't done it again to prove it to me but I will take Mom's word and claim that he is now rolling over. Good job Luke we are very proud of you.