A Bonding Moment

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Yesterday I had a nice bonding moment with Luke. I took the day off to work on my ongoing retaining wall project.  Mom, Luke, and I went to Culver's for lunch without Alyce because she was in school.  Luke had been asleep for most of the morning and upon reaching the restaurant he was awake and in a good mood.  Mom and I ate our lunch in peace and quiet while Luke sat in his seat happy as a can be.  After I was finished I picked Luke up out of his seat and plopped him on my lap.  While on my lap Luke was having a great time.  He grabbed the paper my burger came in and was shaking, crinkling, and tried to eat it.  Luke was squealing with delight at me, mom, and all the people around us.  It was a great time and I was sad that I had to go and get back to work on my project.

I usually don't get that much time alone with Luke because Alyce is always wanting my attention.  Alyce isn't jealous of the attention I give to Luke and the time I spend with the two is probably 50/50.  The problem is that my time with Luke involves keeping him alive (feeding, changing, bathing) rather than being able to enjoy him.  Throw on that he goes to bed two hours after I get home and the last hour he is pretty cranky I don't get tons of quality time with him.