First Haircut

Friday, October 16, 2009
Last Tuesday Luke had his first haircut.  It was a long time in coming.  When he was first born he had a full head of hair.  Mom and I thought that Luke would be like his sister and all of his newborn hair would fall out and be bald for a few months.  Some of his hair did fall out and he wore a patch in the back of his head when we started turning his head but the majority of it stayed in.  What was left was very thin on the sides and thick and long in the middle.  Once his hair started growing that middle patched started to look like a comb over.

Luke's haircut wasn't very traumatic but it wasn't very easy either.  Luke was sitting in Mom's lap while the stylist did her best to cut Luke's hair and not Luke.  Luke didn't cry but he was very interested in what she was doing.  Luke would turn and look whenever the scissors were outside his field of view.

When finished Luke's hair in my opinion looks much better.  I would have preferred something shorter and spikier but I'll have to wait until his hair gets some body to it before that style is possible.