Tuesday, November 3, 2009
This was Luke's first Halloween but he was more of a spectator than a participant.  Lack of teeth and a ban on all things peanutty really puts a damper on free candy.  While I was out with Alyce making the rounds Mom and our neighbors Jeff and Liz where taking care of Luke.  Other than needing a bottle he didn't have too many complaints because there was a constant stream of women wanting to pick him up and hold him.  Mom was even able to eat dinner without interruption.

Luke's costume is a hand me down from Alyce, a Tigger costume.  I'm thinking this will be the only hand me down costume Luke will have to endure.  As a testament to Luke's size he fit into the costume pretty good at just under 7 months where Alyce was wearing it at a year. The costume was soft and furry and did a good job of keeping Luke warm even if it did cover his eyes on occasion.