Solid Food: Part 2

Thursday, November 19, 2009
A while ago back in September Luke had his first experience with solid food.  While he took a few bites of rice cereal mixed in with formula you could tell by the look on his fact that he wasn't enjoying what we just put in his mouth.  In the end he ended up only eating a few bites and proceeded to close up shop.

Thinking he wasn't ready for solids we took a break for a few weeks with the same result.  Recently in the last few weeks Luke has taken an interest in what we are doing while eating dinner.  While playing in his Exersaucer he would watch as I put each fork full of food into my mouth and when we would make eye contact he would greet me with a big smile.

Last night I decided to give solids another go around.  As we were sitting down to dinner I deposited Luke in his feeding table and made a batch of oatmeal mixed in with some formula, yummy.  Like before as I took a bit of dinner he would watch me intently.  As I was chewing my food I put some food on a spoon and surprisingly enough he opened his mouth for deposit.  Once the oatmeal was in his mouth Luke gave me this look of "what do I do now?".  Eventually he got the idea as I could see his jaw moving and eventually he swallowed what was inside or he was storing it in some unknown location.  After the first bite there was another, and another; our little guy was eating!  After 10 minutes he must have gotten bored or excited because he started kicking his legs and having a great time in his high chair.  The corresponding movement in his upper body made feeding all but impossible.  I gave it my best and half of  the subsequent spoonfuls of food made it in his mouth.  The other half was plastered in his hair, on his nose, lips, chin, and he even tried getting some in his eye.

The experience was a positive even though he needed a bath afterward.  It is nice to see Luke advancing toward toddler-hood.  At 7 1/2 months he is probably late to the party with solid food but now that we know he is interested in the idea of food I think we will catch up pretty quick to the full menu of pureed foods, yum.