Luke's Vocabulary

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Luke's speaking ability is advancing quickly.  At night right before is when he is the most talkative.  He has three word sounds that mimic real speech; "ba", "ma", and "da".  At any given moment Luke could say any of those three words over and over again or he cold link some of them together.  What is even more exciting is that he is picking up on speech patterns.  He and I both take turns talking to each other.  He will squeal, coo, or talk then wait a few seconds to see what my response is.  Talking back to him, looking surprised, or smiling at him and tickling all elicit a smile, kicky legs, and sometimes a squeal.  Once I've had my turn at talking he takes the reigns again and switches up what he has to say.

I would say that Luke is a more vocal baby than his sister Alyce was.  Alyce at this age wall all about moving.  She was an early crawler, sitter, and walker.  But she must have been too busy moving because her speech was always at the back end of normal.  Luke seems to be making great strides in speech for someone his age but is a bit behind normal on some physical aspects.

It is neat to see how Luke is different from Alyce.