New Car Seat

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Recently Luke upgraded to a new car seat.  He was out growing his car seat and need an upgrade.  This is Luke's second car seat.  He outgrew his first car / pumpkin seat.  The first one could only handle a baby 22 lbs and a specific height that I can't remember.  In any case Luke's amazing rate of growth his first six months forced him out of that seat, but he wasn't holding his head steady enough to move to regular car seat.  So we were forced to buy a new car seat for big babies (up to 32lbs) to bridge the gap until he was old enough to sit it a normal seat.

Moving Luke to his new seat has been both good and bad.  The good part is that Luke is now in a more vertical position.  When we first put him in he had a cold and being reclined caused him to cough incessantly.  Sitting up has kept him more comfortable.  The bad part is that we now have to carry Luke both to and from the car whenever we go out.  This means that Luke is now sitting high chairs rather than sitting back and relaxing.