Sitting Up

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Yesterday Mom was looking at at development milestones for babies Luke's age.  Well it turns out that a baby his age should have mastered sitting up.  The earliest such a feat could be attempted is at 5 months.  With Luke now rolling past 8 months he is behind the curve.  In the past we propped Luke up in a sitting position and he stayed there but he never seemed comfortable and quickly fell over on to his side.

Today Mom had a meeting with your Parents as Teachers councilor Ms. Cathy.  She could be Mrs. Cathy but we call her Miss. Cathy.  Ms. Cathy was there to check on Alyce's and Luke's development.  One of Mom's most pressing questions for her was Luke's lack of sitting ability.  Mom's questions have all been answered but not by Ms. Cathy but by Luke himself!  Mom was getting Luke's clothes changed before the visit this morning and decided to sit Luke up to change him.  Luke must have liked the view as he decided to stay there, for a while, and without anyone or thing propping him up.  Luke was sitting on his own!

Perhaps it was all coincidence that everything happened as it did.  Maybe we weren't giving Luke ample opportunity to practice his sitting skills.  It is all in the past now as he is showing the world what he can do.  Also in the pictures Luke is showing another skill.  He is using an object, the spoon, to bang another object, the bowl.  Good job showing off your new skills Luke, we are proud of you.