Tree Farm

Thursday, December 17, 2009
A few weeks we joined Chris's parents and their neighbor's Trent, Lisa, and Shelby on a trip to get a Christmas Tree.  Shelby's friend Claire also tagged along.  Starting last year we got a fake tree due to size constraints in our living room.  We still like to make the trip to help us get into the Christmas spirit.

The weather this year unlike some previous years cooperated.  It was really cold but as long as it isn't raining and the ground isn't wet we can manage.  Luke came along for the trip and we had to bundle him up for the cold.  My original idea would be to bundle up Luke and then put in our Baby Bjorn baby carrier.  Well even at its biggest setting Luke was was too big for it.  I've seen these baby carriers carry 18 month old kids and here is Luke at 8 months too big.  So instead we placed him in a stroller and covered him up with a doubled up blanket.  He looked really cozy and didn't complain while out in the cold.

Getting to the field with all of the trees was pretty intense.  We had to take a tractor ride up an incredibly steep hill.  If the brakes on the stroller weren't set and if we weren't holding onto the stroller it would have rolled out the back and down the hill.  While T&L were searching for a tree Mom was pushing around Luke and all the junk everyone hung on the stroller.  We managed the terrain ok and pretty soon we were walking back to the tractor.  Not before we got a few family pictures.  Back in the tree farm store we unbundled Luke, got some more family pictures, and fed him.  He was pretty happy the entire time and when Luke is happy everyone is happy.  I figure this will be the last year we will ever bring the stroller to the tree farm.  Next year I figure Luke will be big enough to pull the tree back by himself.