Officially a Crawler

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Well it is official Luke is a crawler.  We're not really sure when he crossed the threshold into crawling but it has been rather recently.  His crawl isn't what you would think of.  His version consists of using both arms, one leg, and it looks like an army crawl with one leg dragging.  Even though it might not look like your standard crawl he is able to move forward and thus it is official.  He is moving pretty slow going while crawling so it isn't too terrible yet.  Once he really gets moving he will require a lot more attention.

Getting him to this point seems to have taken a lot longer than I anticipated.  Late in November I thought he was on the cusp of crawling and here we are in January and he is just now doing it.  To his defense he wasn't really that interested in crawling.  He was and is still interested in standing.  I have a feeling that he is going to make a quick switch to walking now that he can get himself to a couch in way that he can move to a standing position.