Sooo Big!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Last weekend Luke started to play our family's favorite game, Sooo Big!  We started Sooo Big with Alyce when she was a baby and it is pretty simple.  We would ask Alyce how big she was,  she would respond by putting her arms over her head, we would say "sooo big!", and put our arms over our head to mimic.

For the longest time we have been trying to get Luke to play.  Grandma and Grams have even helped with the cause but Luke would just look at us like we had lobsters crawling out our ears.  Last Sunday while at Grams and Papa's for dinner Luke finally figured it out.  He had the cover to Mom's phone and would grab it with both hands and put it over his head.  We responded with "sooo big" and he squealed with delight.  After a couple of repetitions asking Luke how big he was he joined in on the fun.  We continued to play for the next twenty minutes and he kept getting more and more excited.  One moment he stopped his usual Luke baby laugh and said very toddler like "Ha!".

Now that Luke knows that putting his arms above his head will evoke a response he is doing it all over the place.  We go along with it because we love to watch his reactions.  Luke has a two different types of Sooo Bigs.  There is the standard arms above the head move and he has an EXTREME Soo Big.  Extreme Sooo Big is when he puts his arms up at a 45 degree angle, fists balled, looks serious, and his whole body quivers.  I think he is even holding his breath with this version.  Whenever I see this version I imagine that Luke is thinking to himself "Look at me.  I'm so awesome.  I can put my arms over my head.  I demand to be noticed!".