If It Isn't Bolted Down

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Luke with his new found mobility, crawling and standing, is doing his best to kill himself.  Before he was mobile he was content to stay in a 5' radius and play with whatever was around him.  Now that he can move everything is fair game.  He will cross the room for a scrap of paper completely ignoring all of his and Alyce's toys.  Luke's favorite thing to play is the spring loaded door stops.  He likes to crawl over to them and bang them back and forth so they make a "twang" sound.  If he can find one of those springs he can keep himself entertained for a long while.  Other things he likes to get into is underneath his feeding table.  Luke crawls into the kitchen around a corner and gets under his highchair.  A seat belt strap hangs down and Luke likes to grab, pull, and eat it.  The most annoying thing Luke does when crawling around is to get into Jake's water bowl.  I'm not sure what the fascination Luke has with water but fascination he has.  Now a days we have to keep Jake's water off the floor all day just so Luke doesn't go into the kitchen looking for it.