Thursday, March 18, 2010
Luke is both a lucky and unlucky guy.  He is unlucky because he is the second child and his needs and development can fall to the wayside because life demands attention.  The area that I'm thinking about is the food department.  When Alyce was Luke's age she was eating quite a bit of solid food.  She was probably eating three meals a day with a bottle to wash it down.  Solid food being the pureed stuff for babies.  Luke on the other hand gets about two solid meals a day.  He usually misses the third because we are on the move doing something.

Luke, however, is also very lucky.  Luke unlike his sister gets bits of people food.  We've given him nibbles of bread, meat, french fries, and ice cream just to name a few.  When Alyce was his age we wouldn't have dreamed of feeding her such complex foods.  I'm guessing we were new parents and thought that Alyce would have a food allergy to something and grow a third arm.  Now that we are second time around parents most of those fears have passed.

For the record ice cream or custard is Luke's favorite food.  From the first little taste he was a fan and now when he sees me with a bowl full of ice cream he will cross the floor, climb up the chair, and look at me expectantly with his mouth wide open.