We Have a Walker

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Today Luke showed without a doubt that he knows how to walk!  I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen giving Alyce a goodbye hug, Mom was at the refrigerator and Luke was standing near the door to the garage holding onto the wall.  As I was finishing my hug and Mom closing the door Luke lets go of the wall and takes 4 - 5 steps right over to Alyce and I!  They were some pretty fast steps and he was pretty shaky on his feet by the time he arrived but technically it was a walk and of considerable distance.  Best of all both Mom and I were there to witness the event!

Mom and I couldn't be prouder of Luke.  He has been working for so long on walking.  It seems that a few weeks after he was crawling he started climbing up things to cruise around the room.  Luke has even mastered getting back onto the ground as evidenced by a bruise on his bottom.  We were hoping that he would be walking on his own by his first birthday and we made it by 2 days.