Little Tornado

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
With Luke's new found mobility a larger space is available for him to explore.  A side effect of all of this exploration is the path of destruction he leaves in his wake.  Luke likes to make a mess.  He dumps out boxes of toys, pulls bowls out of a cabinet, dumps out cups full of liquid, play in the dog's water dish, empty toilet paper rolls, empty my sock drawer, and pulls cords out of walls.  Simply if you leave him in a room long enough it will eventually look like a tornado came through.  If we weren't so busy or trying to keep the house clean we'd find it cute, however, it seems like he is at his worst when we need him at his best.  That being said we still find it all amusing and we lovingly refer to him as our "Little Tornado".

What is very interesting is that this is one area that Luke is very different from his sister.  Alyce like to open cabinets, dump out toys, and generally explore but she would stick around and look in the cabinet or at the toys she just dumped out.  Luke on the other hand delights from the chaos rather than objects within.  It is probably just a boy vs. girl thing but it is very entertaining to see him as his own person and not a copy of his sister.