Luke's Special Crawl

Friday, January 22, 2010
Luke is transitioning from crawling to walking.  Before I forget the cute things he did while crawling I figure I should probably write them down and even get a video.  When Luke first started crawling he wasn't very good.  He knew that he needed to move his arms and legs but he didn't understand that it was his hands and feet that needed to be on the floor and not his belly.  So when he would attempt to crawl he would be in a belly down skydiving position waving his arms and legs and not going anywhere.

As his crawling skills improve he does his special crawl less and less as he focuses on what he wants and how to get there.  Instead, he now does it only when he gets really excited.  If he is on his belly when I come home from work I am greeted with a big grin and Luke hits overdrive without going anywhere.

Most of me is looking forward to Luke walking.  Being able to put him down when at the store without his hands getting all dirty is going to be awesome.  However, I'll miss how slow he moved when first started crawling and being able to take our eyes off him as he stayed where we left him.  Another thing I'm not looking forward to is the return of baby gates.  We have them at the bottom and top of our stairs and for the last 9 months we haven't needed them as Alyce has mastered stairs and no longer plays on them.  Having to open and close them for the next 18 months is a drag.