Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Luke started walking on his own in late March and early April which was just about a week before his first birthday.  Even though he was taking steps his preferred mode of movement was crawling.  In the past month that has changed.  Luke now prefers to walk every where he can and does a pretty good job at getting where he is going.  The video below highlights how far he has come.

The last hurdle that Luke has to clear to be a full fledged walker is standing up without grabbing onto something.  At the moment if he were to fall or sit down he would have to crawl over to a wall or a table into order to transition to standing.

Now that Luke is a walker whenever I get home from work he can now walk over to greet me.  Since he isn't as stable when he isn't moving he usually ends up bear hugging my legs to stay vertical long enough for me to pick him up.