Bedtime Doots

Thursday, June 3, 2010
One thing Luke loves to do with Mom, Alyce, and I is Doots.  Doots is when you stick your pointer finger out, the other person does the same, you touch fingers, and say "doot".  Anyone can start a Doots.  Sometimes it is Mom, Alyce, and I and other times it is Luke.  Doots are always good fun.  We did them with Alyce when she was a baby and Doots eventually led into Double Doots (both hands at the same time) and finally we did fist bumps.

Luke likes to give Mom and I Doots right when we put him down to bed.  He is in his jammas, we lay him in his crib, he rolls over, and sticks up that finger for a Doot.  Once he gets what he is looking for he rolls over and usually goes to sleep with little or no fuss.  It is quite the sight to see.