Playing is Hard Work

Friday, June 18, 2010

The crew enjoying some juice after playing hard outside. Note Luke is drinking his sippy cup upside down.

Luke has come really far in his transition from bottles to cups.  We started the transition around his first birthday and now he is only taking a bottle at bed time.  He seems to prefer bottles to cups, but I think that is because he gets one and only bottle at bed time and it has warm formula rather than cold milk.  I'd say that Luke is partial to getting brain freezes as because when he takes a long drink from his cup, he makes a face, waits a few seconds, and then jumps back in.  I'm guessing waiting for the brain freeze to pass.

Even though we are moving to cups I still prefer bottles.  He isn't the world's cleanest eater when he uses a cup.  Tons of liquid run down his chin and onto his clothing.  He doesn't seem to mind but I don't want his shirt all wet when we are about to leave the house.  Bottles on the other hand never spill a drop.