Sick Little Boy

Sunday, July 11, 2010
Last night Luke woke up a few hours after going down to bed. Mom and I could tell that he wasnt feeling then, but a shot of tylenol later and some milk and he went back to bed.

This morning our fears were confirmed, Luke is sick with a stomach bug. Walking into his room this morning you could smell trouble. Sure enough he had gotten sick on his pjs. I changed him, fed him some milk, and about 10 minutes later that came back too. Necessitating another outfit change. Mom and I didnt feed him anything for a while and he didn't seem that intrested either.

 One nice aspect of Luke being sick if there is a silver lining to throwing up was that Luke just snuggled on my chest all morning long. He's always been a fireball and we never got a lot of snuggle time. It was nice. In the afternoon we gave him some Tylenol and that really seemed to improve his mood. Improved enough that we were able to get 6oz of watered down apple juice to stay down. Even when Luke is sick his personality shines through. A smile in his direction is still returned by his goofy grin. And he is still stealing Alyce's toys and running into the kitchen with them.