It's Fun Coming Home

Friday, August 13, 2010
As Luke ages he is starting to develop a little vocabulary.  Words we know he knows for sure are Da da, Daadee, Ma ma.  He says all three lots of the time usually when he wants us to pick him up.  However I can always depend on one time during the day that he will say Daadee and be excited about it; when I get home from work.

Any day I come home from work and Luke is up from his nap right as I walk in the door from the garage I hear a "daadee" from the other room and then the pitter patter of little feet as Luke comes running towards me.  He wraps his arms around my leg and then leans into me.  After the hug he looks up at me, flashes a big grin, and raises his arms up towards me signaling that he wants to be picked up.

At about this time time Alyce has pulled herself away from whatever she was doing to come and greet me plus give me a hug.  One thing that both kids love is when I pick both of them up, one in each arm and spin them around.  With Luke weighing 28 lbs and Alyce at 32 it isn't an easy task holding them both up.  Once I am done spinning in one direction I switch it up and go the other way.  After the spins I do the "wisher washer" where I twist at the waist changing directions very quickly like a washing machine.  And finally after all of that I do a few jumps and jiggle the two kids all over the place.  By the end of all of that my arms are usually spent and I have to put the both of them down.  Naturally they are unhappy about this but they get distracted quick enough that I can sneak in a kiss to Mom.

Alyce used to meet me at the door like Luke does now.  Now that she has moved on and Luke is the only one to greet me foreshadows the day when I come home and neither kid will be there waiting for me thinking I'm the best dad in the world.  It saddens me now but I'm sure the transition will be gradual and I won't even notice it has happened until years later and I read this blog about it.  So is the way time works.