Luke's First Ride

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Last weekend the family took a trip with our friends Josh, Tammy, and Gideon to Six Flags.  While most of the trip centered around Alyce and Gideon Luke managed to have some fun and firsts.

In previous trips to Six Flags Luke has mostly tagged along.  He's been too small or unable to sit still long enough to ride attractions that didn't involve an adult holding on to him.  A good example of those sort of rides are the carousel, Ferris wheel, or steam train.  This past weekend we decided that Luke was old enough and big enough to try a ride.  The ride we chose to be Luke's first was the Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons.  This ride was great because Alyce, Luke, and myself could all ride together.  Josh and Gideon were in the balloon next to us.

When it was our turn to go I dropped Alyce in first, then Luke, strapped both of them in, then took a second to document the event.  Finally I got into our basket, strapped in, and off we went!  Truthfully I don't think Luke knew what to think about it.  His head was on a swivel as if he was trying to get a handle on why the world was moving around him.  One thing for sure was that he didn't complain or cry.  I figure if I tried putting him on it without me we wouldn't be so lucky.

We did ride another kid ride with Luke, the Marvin the Martian Rocket Ride.  For this one the entire family go onto the rocket.  Mom sat up front with Alyce and I was in back with Luke.  Once again Luke got his own seat rather than sitting on our lap.  This ride is pretty tame in comparison to the balloon ride but Luke seemed to enjoy himself as he looked out the window.

I have a feeling that Luke will be the child that likes coasters.  In previous trips to Six Flags and our last Luke has been enamored with roller coasters.  It doesn't matter which one it is Batman, Mr. Freeze, or the Mine Train; the second he hears them going he turns and looks and doesn't break his attention until the coaster train is out of sight.  Alyce on the other handle jumps and is scared of the noise a coaster makes.