Friday, October 1, 2010
Luke's bedtime routine is about as easy as it can be at the moment.  When it finally comes time for bed we follow the usual pattern and by the time the pattern is done he is ready to go to sleep and never gives us any grief.  Sadly it will only stay this way until we get him into a big boy bed and then there will be reading books, singing songs, and all the craziness of a toddler out of his cage brings.

One of my favorite things to do with Luke on the nights I put him to bed is to play catch or fetch with him.  Our choice of ball is kind of weird though.  After I change him into his overnight diaper and pjs I am left with used diaper.  After I put him to bed I dispose of it downstairs.  To keep it out of the way I wrap it up real tight and it looks and feels like a squishy ball.  Well at some point it became routine to use that diaper ball to play catch with.  It's persisted for so long that when Luke sees me wrapping up his diaper he gets all excited.  Luke is getting pretty good at throwing.  I think he might even be better at throwing than his sister.  One item of note is that Luke seems to be favoring his left hand when it comes to throwing.  Most everything else he does with his right but throwing is not one of them.

Luke is now climbing into his crib.  The brand of crib we have, a Babee Tenda is pretty cool in that built into one of the sides of the crib is a door that swings open.  It locks closed and requires an adult to open but it is pretty awesome at helping kids transition into a big bed.  Now that Luke is advanced enough to go up steps and any other obstacle we are now letting him climb into bed for himself.  He goes willingly too.  After brushing his teeth, he walks into his room, looks at the gate, and looks at us.  After he climbs up and in rolls into his favorite position (on his belly with his butt up in the air) he watches us as we wish him a good night and exit the room.  Most nights that is the last we hear from him until 7:30 - 8:00 the next morning.  We are blessed to have a kid that goes to bed so easily and stays there.