Sunday, October 31, 2010
Halloween this year brought us back to our old neighborhood as trick or treating in an apartment complex is not fruitful.  Seeing our old neighbors was a lot of fun and lots of people commented on Luke's costume.

Luke was wearing a dinosaur costume we picked up from Babies R Us.  We were in the store a few weeks ago and they were already discounting their costumes.  We were lucky enough to pick up his $30+ costume for $3 and change.  We contemplated on buying the whole lot and selling them next year on ebay.  Fall is in full swing and the temperatures dropped a little once the sun went down but Luke's costume was more than adequate at keeping him warm with its cozy material.

When tick or treating started Mom carried Luke from house to house long enough to visit our friends and old neighbors Jeff & Liz to show off his costume.  Their little girl Baby Abby was wearing a cozy giraffe outfit that she was none to happy wearing.  Sometimes you have to take fashion over function.

Mom and Luke left Alyce and I and headed back to the neighborhood party while Alyce and I headed up the hill for more candy.  At the party Luke decided that he should help out by grabbing handfuls of candy and giving them to any random person.  By the time Alyce and I returned mom had him back in his stroller as I'm sure he took too many runs at going into the street.  Not long after that we left the party for a quick stop by Grams and Papa's house and to see Trent, Lisa, and Shelby.