Six Flags

Friday, October 22, 2010
Last Saturday the family went out to Six Flags after dropping off a check starting construction on our new house.  While there we found out that Alyce was 42" tall and she and Mom left Luke and myself so they could go ride a big roller coaster.  While they were gone Luke and I rode some rides too.

Luke and I rode two rides while they were gone.  Elmer Fudd's Weather Balloons and Yosemite Sam's Tugboat Tailspin.  Before they left Luke rode the Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway with Mom and Alyce.  All of these rides are great because they allow you to ride the rides with your kids and keep them calm so they can enjoy the ride.

Luke enjoyed the Weather Balloons the most and even helped me turn the wheel so the balloon would spin.  The Tailspin ride was also lots of fun, but I think Luke kept losing his bearings as the ride was twisting as he kept trying to focus on the same spot.

After our rides we hung out at the playground because it afforded me a good view of the roller coaster Mom and Alyce were riding so I could get some video.  But Luke, being a great kid didn't complain and kept himself entertained by watching all the kids running by.

Once we picked up Mom and Alyce from their coaster experience we took a turn on the carousel.  This time Mom, Alyce, Luke, and myself were all able to ride!  Luke really enjoyed riding on his horse and spent a decent amount of the ride looking at the mechanics of the ride trying to figure out how it worked.

Luke seems to be much more comfortable on rides than Alyce is.  He is definitely more of a daredevil than Alyce ever has been.  Just another example of how two siblings can be so different.