Chaos is His Natural State

Saturday, November 20, 2010
As early as Luke could move I knew that he was going to be different than his sister.  Simply stated, he is a boy. He is loud, hard headed, and likes to make messes.  While we were trying to sell our house we had to pickup before we left just in case someone were to come by for a showing.  When we'd get back home the first thing Luke would do was to walk into the living room, grab a stack of coasters, and toss them on the ground.  He wouldn't play with them or give them a second thought.  Luke just saw clean as an unnatural state and rectified the situation.

At the apartment with space being a premium messes are all the more noticeable and Luke has risen to the challenge.  The first thing Luke did Friday morning was to go into Alyce's room and dump all the Lego Duplos all over the floor.  The blanket we have on the ottoman to protect it from Jake is also a good source of mess making.  Luke likes to grab the blanket and walk backwards leaving a yet another mess in his wake.