Luke's First Love

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Luke is only 20 months old and already he has his first crush with a girl.  And it isn't just any girl.  This girl is multicultural, speaks two languages, and can talk to animals.  Who is this girl that sounds too good to be true?  In fact she is too good to be true it is Dora the Explorer!  Luke is in love with Dora.

We let the kids watch television shows (probably more than we should) and one of the shows Alyce and Luke like to watch is Dora the Explorer.  We knew Luke had a crush a few weeks ago when we were at Toys R Us and every time he'd see her he would point and say "Dora Dora"!  Since then whenever he sees her he gets all excited.  Last night while Mom was getting a show started via Netflix on the TV Luke did sign language motion for "more".  Mom then asked Luke what he wanted more of?  His response, "Dora"!