Thursday, December 9, 2010
Luke's physical abilities really seem to be taking off.  Standing, walking, running, and climbing are all old hat to him.  To further push his physical abilities he likes to mix activities.  The two he likes to mix most are climbing and standing.  In our living room he will climb up on our ottoman and then proceeds to stand up.  Our ottoman isn't a stable structure and Luke works very hard to keep his balance.  On only a few occasions has he tumbled off usually between the ottoman and sliding glass door getting himself stuck.  Of course we tell him to stop standing on the ottoman or the couch but the only way he learns is through trial an error.

Yesterday he was climbing on Alyce's bench and somehow failed at climbing up it or possibly fell off.  When Mom went to check on him and the commotion she was greeted by a trickle of blood coming out of Luke's nose.  His first bloody nose.

I may give him some trouble about whining for food but one thing he doesn't cry about is getting hurt.  If he falls or bangs his head on something he'll take a look at us, rub the stop that's injured, and continue on as if nothing has happened.  Luke is a boy that isn't afraid to take chances.  I pray that some self preservation is developed along side fearlessness.